Monday, June 1, 2009

Questions for Judge Sotomayor

To assist the Senate Judiciary Committee with its prep work for the upcoming confirmation hearing, here are few suggested questions for Judge Sotomayor:

● President Bush nominated Miguel Estrada to the D.C. Circuit, but your allies on Capitol Hill refused to grant him an up-or-down vote. What is your opinion on the filibuster conducted against a highly qualified Hispanic nominee?

● Why did you dismiss the New Haven Firefighters appeal in a one-page order?

● Do you think it was appropriate for then-Senator Obama to filibuster the Supreme Court nomination of Samuel Alito?

● Who should decide whether to legalize gay marriage--judges or the voters through the referendum process?

● According to the media [as predicted in this blog], you are a moderate/centrist. If accurate, please explain your moderate/centrist judicial philosophy.

● Are you pro-choice when it comes to the Second Amendment?

● Should voters be required to produce a photo ID to cast a ballot?