Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Did Tim Tebow and Tom Brady Vote for Rick Santorum in Minnesota?

GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum won last night's Minnesota caucus. A caucus requires people to show up in person in contrast to an actual primary or general election.

Coincidentally, James O'Keefe's lastest video on vote fraud shows how Tim Tebow and Tom Brady and anyone else can register to vote absentee in Minnesota with no verification.

Minnesota is, of course, the state that narrowly "elected" Stuart Smalley to the U.S. Senate after a shady recount.


Police Taser Non-Compliant McDonald's Drive-Thru Customer

                                  photo credit: Manila Daily Photo via photopin cc

The lull in fast-food freakouts was only temporary. A North Carolina woman who cut in line at a McDonald's drive-thru last Friday apparently resisted arrest and was Tasered by police.

And in Pennsylvania, a man allegedly stabbed his brother with a steak knife in a dispute over a McDonald's brownie.

The Oscars Broadcast--Must Miss TV?

                                         photo credit: cliff1066™ via photopin cc

The Academy Awards ceremony is coming up later this month, but other than the fashion police who will be working an overtime detail, does anyone really take the Oscars seriously anymore?

For one thing, as is usually the case, hardly anyone went to see the films nominated for Best Picture. One could also argue that in general the content--as well as the box office--is also anemic. And many of today's actors seem to lack a commanding presence on the screen.

At PJMedia, author/screenwriter Andrew Klavan provides some perspective about how the Oscars are "sinking into irrelevance."
It’s also true that Hollywood’s left-wing and feminist agendas alienate the industry from the mainstream..But low-watt stars, dishonest leftism, and hectoring feminism may be the symptoms of the art form’s decay rather than the causes. Technology and time may have killed the business and leftists and feminists may be the maggots feeding on its corpse — all that remains after the best writers and actors have headed for television, and the brilliant visual guys go into video gaming and apps.
In an unrelated article on National Review Online, historian Victor Davis Hanson notes that Hollywood movers-and-shakers are among the biggest supporters of what he calls "Obamaism," despite the fact that "Hollywood predicates much of its production on the basis of non-union locations."

While dwindling, the Oscars still get decent TV ratings, but the trend is not their friend. Will you be watching this year?