Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Todd Akin: Don't Go Away Mad...Just Go Away

Todd Akin...another idiotic Republican trying to expound on social issues when the election is all about the economy and repealing ObamaCare. Recall that the GOP tossed away some victories in 2010 because some of their lame candidates foolishly went there.

Memo to GOP candidates everywhere: Never take the bait from the media about social issues, okay?

As Ann Coulter writes, "This is no time for another foot-in-the-mouth, Trent Lott Republican to be dominating the national political discussion. The country is at stake."

Coulter, who sometimes goes off the deep end herself, appropriately recalls the case of former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, who was railroaded by corrupt federal prosecutors to the detriment of the entire country:
 U.S. Senator Ted Stevens was completely innocent of the crimes he was charged with – as we now know – but because he refused to withdraw from the senate race while he was under investigation in 2008, Republicans lost a sure Senate seat in that election. If Stevens had stepped aside and let another Republican run, Obamacare would not have become the law of the land.
That’s how important a single Senate seat can be.
The Missouri Senate election was destined to be an easy win for the GOP until this fool revealed himself to be a total loser. It's time for him to drop out and let a qualified viable candidate (perhaps Sarah Steelman who ran in the closely contested Republican primary) take over and defeat the very beatable Obama rubber stamp Claire McCaskill.