Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Dog Eater in Chief

The primaries have yet to officially conclude and the presidential campaign has already gone to the dogs...

For months now, the president's proxies in the Democrat-Media Complex have been obsessing (dare we say "crowing"?) about the 30-year-old incident in which presumptive 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney strapped a dog crate--with dog--to the top of the car for a family road trip.

But, the left-wingers seemed to have stepped in it, as it were, because it turned out that...well, you know how it turned out:

[Learn more about the Republican Party Animals here.]

Added: As Rex Murphy writes in the National Post, "So now the presidential campaign is down to basics. Americans are to be given a stark, unequivocal choice. Which is it to be? Dog in a Crate, or Dog on a Plate?I do not think we have seen such clarity of choice in any presidential race of our time."