Monday, June 15, 2009

Federal Investigator Fired for Finding Fraud

If the previous administration sacked a government official under these circumstances, Congress and its media enablers (or vice versa) would be demanding a special prosecutor and a full investigation of cronyism:
An inspector general fired by President Barack Obama said Friday he acted "with the highest integrity" in investigating AmeriCorps and other government-funded national service programs. Gerald Walpin said in an interview with The Associated Press that he reported facts and conclusions "in an honest and full way" while serving as inspector general at the Corporation for National and Community Service.
In a letter to Congress on Thursday, Obama said he had lost confidence in Walpin and was removing him from the position.
Walpin defended his work on Friday. "I know that I and my office acted with the highest integrity as an independent inspector general should act," he said.
Obama's move follows an investigation by Walpin finding misuse of federal grants by a nonprofit education group led by Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, who is an Obama supporter and former NBA basketball star. Johnson and a nonprofit education academy he founded ultimately agree to repay half of $847,000 in grants it had received from AmeriCorps.
More on "Walpin-gate" here and here. Under the 2008 Inspector Generals Reform Act that then-Senator Obama sponsored, the president is required to give Congress 30-days notice before removing or transferring an inspector general.