Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Erik Bedard: You've Been Served

While a sheriff or a marshal usually do the honors, most jurisdictions allow legal papers such as a summons and complaint to be served by any "indifferent person." But would you call a dude showing up in the Boston Red Sox locker room wearing a Yankees t-shirt indifferent?
[Process server Tom] Cabral didn’t bother to hide the fact he is a Yankees fan. In fact, he proudly wore a Yankees shirt while he served Bedard the papers.
Cabral was there to hand Red Sox starting pitcher Erik Bebard--formerly of the Orioles and Mariners--court documents in connection with a child support matter. The transaction was handled amicably by both men. The Red Sox wound up losing the game, but Bedard was not part of the decision.

Source: New York Post

[photo credit: Keith Allison]

Kindergartner Brings Crack Pipe to Show and Tell

The assignment in this Missouri kindergarten classroom was to bring "important family items" like pictures for show and tell. So the child brought in his mom's crack pipe and some rocks. School officials notified police who executed a search warrant at the home, resulting in charges of possession of a controlled substance and one count of first-degree child endangerment against the mother.

Casey Anthony Owes Florida $100K For Caylee Investigation

Judge Belvin Perry has ruled that Casey Anthony must reimburse the state of Florida nearly $100,000 to reimburse law enforcement agencies for the investigation into the disappearance of her daughter Caylee. Once again she got off lightly in that prosecutors and cops sought $500,000 in costs. In reaching his decision, Judge Perry determined that "the costs should cover only the period when detectives were investigating a missing person, and not the homicide investigation -- a sum of $97,676."