Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Erik Bedard: You've Been Served

While a sheriff or a marshal usually do the honors, most jurisdictions allow legal papers such as a summons and complaint to be served by any "indifferent person." But would you call a dude showing up in the Boston Red Sox locker room wearing a Yankees t-shirt indifferent?
[Process server Tom] Cabral didn’t bother to hide the fact he is a Yankees fan. In fact, he proudly wore a Yankees shirt while he served Bedard the papers.
Cabral was there to hand Red Sox starting pitcher Erik Bebard--formerly of the Orioles and Mariners--court documents in connection with a child support matter. The transaction was handled amicably by both men. The Red Sox wound up losing the game, but Bedard was not part of the decision.

Source: New York Post

[photo credit: Keith Allison]

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