Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bob Beckel, Racist

The Fox News Channel has gone a recent hiring spree for leftists, which in theory makes the discussions more interesting, assuming the liberal can muster up anything other than propaganda, which they seldom can.

Whose the worst liberal talking head on Fox News? There are so many to choose from, aren't there?

Tamara "it's Bush's fault" Holder and Alan Colmes have to be at the bottom of the barrel, though. Or how about chief Obama apologist Juan Williams, who was fired by NPR because he was too conservative.

But the oafish Bob Beckel of The Five, who revealed himself in this clip to be a stone-cold anti-Semite, is long overdue from being outsourced and testing Obama's wonderful economy that he loves so much. Apart from this bigoted comment, his "I don't know anything about popular culture...I don't know how to use technology" act is very, very lame. Jehmu Greene, who also made a racially charged comment on Fox News but for some reason wasn't fired, is also awful.

To their great discredit, the other panelists on The Five treated this remark as a big joke.

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