Friday, May 18, 2012

The First Day of the Romney Presidency

In a non-linear, back-to-the-future world, Mitt Romney had a pretty busy 24 hours as America's new chief executive:

Voter Fraud Alert: North Carolina

Project Veritas, the brainchild of muckraker James O'Keefe, has done excellent work in exposing America's almost criminally lax voting procedures that are tailor-made for vote fraud. The investigation recently moved to North Carolina, which doesn't require a photo ID to vote:

The problem is hardly restricted to any one particular state. Florida officials have found over 50,000 dead people and some 180,000 non-citizens on the voting rolls.

Fed Court Okays Gov. Scott Walker's Union Law

                                          [photo credit: Megan McCormick]

A federal judge upheld key portion's of Wisc. Gov. Scott Walker's collective bargaining reforms today:
State unions were dealt a setback Friday when a federal judge said they would have to get their members to opt in, rather than opt out, to having the state deduct union dues from their paychecks.
What's more, the judge did not rule on dues deductions for unions that he earlier found the state improperly decertified. The state's largest unions were decertified, and the ruling - at least for now - will make it harder for them to get money from dues.
The judge had disallowed certain other aspects of Walker's legislation, but much of that is on appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

Things are looking good for Walker generally, as recent polling data puts him (and Lt.Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch) out front in the June 5 recall election, the latest expensive tantrum inflicted on ordinary Wisconsin taxpayers by organized labor. If the soft-spoken, mild-mannered Walker prevails, he will instantaneously become a national political powerhouse and likely inheriting the title of America's Governor from Chris Christie.

We'd feel better about Walker's chances if a corrupt left-wing (is there any other kind?) state judge hadn't blocked Wisconsin's photo ID law. It was also disappointing that neither the state appeals or supreme court were willing to take up the case in the short term. After what amounts to a phony show trial and then the appeals process, the photo ID law will eventually take effect, however, and hopefully before the November presidential election.

Here is Walker's latest commercial