Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sweden No Longer Celebrates Diversity

This disturbing news out of the town of Malmo, Sweden, would be troubling at any time of the year, but especially during the Passover season:
Marcus Eilenberg is a Swedish Jew whose family roots in Malmo run deep...Now the 32-year-old law firm associate feels the welcome for Jews is running out, and he is moving to Israel with his wife and two children in May.
That reason, he says, is a rise in hate crimes against Jews in Malmo, and a sense that local authorities have little desire to deal with a problem that has exposed a crack in Sweden's image as a bastion of tolerance and a haven for distressed ethnic groups.
Anti-Semitic crimes in Europe have usually been associated with the far right, but Shneur Kesselman, an Orthodox rabbi, says the threat now comes from Muslims.
"In the past five years I've been here, I think you can count on your hand how many incidents there have been from the extreme right," he said. "In my personal experience, it's 99 percent Muslims."
Anti-semitism seems to be on the rise in Europe generally, while the media and government keep their collective heads in the sand.

Florida Doctor Sends Patients A Message

Whether the attorneys' general lawsuit challenging the healthcare "reform" individual mandate is successful or not under the Commerce Clause, one physician has already engaged in what the law sometimes call's "self help":
A doctor who considers the national health-care overhaul to be bad medicine for the country posted a sign on his office door telling patients who voted for President Barack Obama to seek care "elsewhere."
"I'm not turning anybody away — that would be unethical," Dr. Jack Cassell, 56, a Mount Dora [Florida] urologist and a registered Republican opposed to the health plan, told the Orlando Sentinel on Thursday. "But if they read the sign and turn the other way, so be it."
The legal challenge about the recently enacted healthcare legislation will probably result in a 5-4 decision either way at the Supreme Court. Again, it just reaffirms how David Souter was such an incredibly poor choice for the high court. All these 5-4 decisions would likely be 6-3 had even a garden-variety moderate to conservative been appointed instead of Souter, and who retired early to make matters even worse.