Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bigot Picket at Occupy Wall Street

There are reports emerging that some of the clueless Occupy Wall Street protesters (and at similar events in other cities) are actually rent-a-mobs paid by billionaire George Soros and/or organized labor. In any event, imagine the national headlines if any Tea Party person was caught on film engaged in this kind of loathsome anti-Semitic behavior.

Most people across the ideological spectrum oppose Wall Street bailouts. What these hippies and wannabe-hippies don't get is that socialism provides no solution to our economic woes.

In today's Boston Herald, Howie Carr draws the distinction between this group and the Tea Party:
The Tea Party and Occupy Boston do have one thing in common — money.

The people in the Tea Party want to keep theirs and the panhandlers camping out on the Greenway want to steal it from them.

Maybe you’ve seen the rabble as you’ve driven by. They claim to be interested in “Corporate Greed,” but they’d settle for some corporate weed.

The fact that the national Democrats are trying to throw in with these layabouts tells you all you need to know about both groups....

The Tea Party wants a balanced budget, and the media say they’re the extremists. These leeching losers in Dewey Square need 90 days observation at Bridgewater, and they’re the proud face of democracy.

They say they’ve been devastated by the recession, yet approximately 100 percent of them still worship Barack Obama, the architect of the fiasco.

Occupy Boston? They ought to go back to occupying their mothers’ basements
Moreover Tea Party people are respectful and never trash the venues where they assemble, either.

Gloria Allred Has Her Own TV Show—Why?

One of the flat screens in the healthclub cardio area was tuned to a new judge show called We the People with none other than grandstanding ambulance chaser Gloria Allred wearing the robes. Is there anyone—at least someone who sadly appears on TV regularly—who has done more to undermine the rule of law than Allred?

Fortunately the sound was turned down.

In a quick search on the Internet, it turns out that the show presents fake cases--entirely appropriate given Allred’s creepy, self-promoting legal track record. Prediction: the show won’t last beyond one season, if that. So take the under on the over-under.

As an aside, has the illegal alien that Allred and organized labor pushed into the spotlight to sabotage Meg Whitman’s campaign for California governor been deported yet?