Monday, August 15, 2011

Super-Rich Obama Supporters Should Cough Up More Dough

All this talk of tax policy and governmental budgeting makes our eyes glaze over. One thing that's clear is that federal spending is out of control, in part because a swarm of overpaid, over-pensioned do-nothing bureaucrats and regulators--many probably sitting around playing solitaire on their computer terminals--stand (or sit) in the way of bringing the economy back.

These include the "unessential employees" that somehow never have to report to work during a snow storm. As was demonstrated in Wisconsin, it is unreasonable to force taxpayers to pay higher taxes to fund lavish public sector salaries, pensions, and benefits. Public employees should be subject to the same marketplace forces as their private-sector counterparts.

Romney recently caught a lot of flak for saying that "corporations are people too." As a matter of law, a corporation is considered a "person." For the broader electorate, however, wouldn't it be better if he said something like "Yes, corporations like General Election which didn't pay any taxes along with other similarly situated Obama corporate cronies should pay more taxes."

In an Op-Ed yesterday, billionaire Warren Buffett says the super-rich should pay more taxes. Fine. The U.S. Treasury accepts voluntary payments, so Buffett (and Matt Damon and other fat-cat Obama supporters and donors in Hollywood, on Wall Street, and elsewhere) should open their own checkbooks if they really believe in continuing to prop up the bureaucratic welfare state. That way the entrepreneurs and small businessmen and women--the real job creators--can perhaps be left alone.