Saturday, June 9, 2012

Piers Morgan vs. Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Like John Stewart of the Daily Show, Larry King's left-wing replacement on CNN, Celebrity Apprentice winner Piers Morgan, moved away--for once--from the usual liberal propaganda in this interview with Democrat talking point machine Debbie Wasserman Schultz about Gov. Scott Walker's triumph in Tuesday's recall election:

Perhaps because of lack of knowledge, Morgan let her get away with crowing about the Democrats possibly winning one of the four state senate seats up for recall. The Wisconsin state senate is out of session and if the Dems wind up getting that one seat (apparently a recount may be involved) to flip the senate to their side, their victory may be meaningless and merely symbolic. In November, the Republicans are strongly favored to take back control.

 In the aftermath of the Wisconsin recall, Rick Manning of The Hill had these thoughts:
It is disconcerting that those who were viewed as “public servants” now have higher average salaries, better pensions and better healthcare plans than those who pay the taxes to support them. At some point the public employee unions and the politicians who support them have made the taxpayers the servants of the government, working to pay for healthcare plans for the public employee that they cannot afford for their own families. That is the real story of Wisconsin, the rebellion of those who pay the freight against the public employee unions who have turned taxpayers into servants.
FiscalTimes columnist Liz Peek similarly weighed in on the Walker victory:
Democrats tried to divide Wisconsin into people who were for or against public unions. At the end, the strategy crumbled, because voters saw only one state, one budget, one common good. ..
The New York Times and other liberal outfits will lay the blame for this unthinkable turn of events – Wisconsin went for Obama by 14 points – by noting that Walker outspent his rival many times over. There is no question that heavy advertising by Walker’s supporters helped his cause. But only because his message made sense. In cities and states across our country, citizens are losing their libraries, their parks and their pre-school programs because benefits for public union employees have crowded out everything else.  Money for education is being sucked into a dark pool of protected tenure and guaranteed investment returns on pension assets. Money for public safety is going to rigged retirement pay and disproportionate disability awards. These distortions cannot continue...
Walker’s victory was not the only one this week for those trying to right the balance between public interest and public unions. In San Diego and San Jose, voters approved measures that demanded union workers pay more towards their health care and pensions.