Monday, April 20, 2009

State Dept. Nominee Infatuated With International Law

It comes as no surprise that the New York Post would be non-supportive of Harold Koh, the Yale Law School Dean nominated to be the top State Department lawyer, a job that might be a stepping-stone to the Supreme Court. But Obama-worshipping Newsweek magazine surprisingly also registers certain reservations about the selection:
To show regard for "the opinions of mankind," he asserted in a 2002 law review article, the death penalty "should, in time, be declared unconstitutional." Were his writings to become policy, judges might have the power to use debatable interpretations of treaties and "customary international law" to override a wide array of federal and state laws affecting matters as disparate as the redistribution of wealth and prostitution...The international legal norms they wish to inject into American law by and large reflect the values of Social Democratic Europe and liberal American academics.
Question: What is the endgame for lawyers who seek to undermine America's security and sovereignity?

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