Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Grand Social Experiment...

In contrast to the high-and-mighty political rhetoric from "spin doctors" (pardon the pun), click here for a line-by-line analysis by the Economic Policy Journal of the House bill that would lead to a government takeover of the "healthcare" system. And Investor's Business Daily re-confirms its analysis of the reform plan moving through the House that essentially outlaws the private individual medical insurance market.
Not fully trusting our own interpretation, we asked for confirmation from the House Ways and Means Committee. Sources there agreed: The bill would indeed shut down the individual private health care insurance market.
Our impression was further confirmed Monday when Rep. Dave Camp, the ranking member on Ways and Means, told us that "any existing plan will not be able to enroll members." There will be "a prohibition," the Michigan Republican said, "on enrolling individuals in private health plans" after the bill becomes law in 2013.
It was also confirmed by Ways and Means staff director Cybele Bjorklund, who, in response to questions from Republican Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin during a committee markup session, admitted last week that insurance providers "cannot create new policies outside of that window outside of the exchange."
Alternative perspective: For a point of view that eloquently conveys support for the current legislation, visit the Painespeak blog.

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