Thursday, August 13, 2009

Transnational Narco-Terrorist Threat At The Border

The National Terror Alert calls our attention to a disturbing and potentially dangerous scenario at the southern border as detailed in a series of reports by Homeland Security Today. The threat assessment involves warring rival drug cartels in Mexico, the rise of Islamist extremism in Latin America, and an alleged alliance between jihadists, drug cartels, and conventional street gangs. According to one expert cited in the material, "the nexus between gangs, other transnational criminal organizations and Islamic fundamentalists is what gangs do and have done for centuries...gangs acting as carriers, security escorts, moving currency, and acting as 'enforcers' is also what gangs do and have done for centuries." Click here to read the entire series of articles.

At the same time, according to AP, "U.S. law officers who work the border are being charged with criminal corruption in numbers not seen before, as drug and immigrant smugglers use money and sometimes sex to buy protection, and internal investigators crack down."

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