Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend At Barry's

The irony: The White House criticizes BP's lame CEO for attending a yacht race while Obama heads to--where else--the golf course.

Canada Free Press columnist Judi McLeod has an interesting take:
Is the soon to be 49-year-old President Barack Obama himself a victim of the Leftwing’s Public School Emasculation of the Schoolboy? How about British Petroleum chief honcho, Tony Hayward, 57?
Both Peter Pan boy types display little sympathy for those left to live lives in disaster zones.
We all know how it takes months for Obama to tear himself away from shooting hoops and playing golf in times when tragedy strikes...
The left’s emasculation of the entity known as the schoolboy was in full swing when Obama and Hayward went to school.
Metrosexuals and pantywaists who graduated this system are long on poetic double speak, short on decisive action...

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