Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day

The Washington Post points out that Labor Day "honors the social and economic contributions that the American worker has made to the growth health and prosperity of the country." It also adds that the labor movement won much better working conditions for adults and children. Today, however, organized labor has become a utterly corrupt, job-killing ATM machine for the Democrats, particularly the public sector unions that use their political clout to bleed the taxpayer dry.

A Labor Day New York Post editorial explains these concerns about Big Labor:
But the holiday -- once meant to extol an honorable movement, affirm worker solidarity and celebrate gains won through collective bargaining -- is an ideal time to look at what has become of the labor movement in recent years.
Union-driven pensions, health-care programs, overtime and other work rules have nearly bankrupted industries (Detroit), threatened the fiscal integrity of state governments (California, New Jersey, New York) and wreaked havoc on entire nations (Greece).
...Meanwhile, public-employee pension costs strangle state and local budgets -- and when taxes go up to pay the bill, private-sector businesses fold or flee, taking jobs with them.
Happy Labor Day!

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