Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Boston Red Sox Like Fried Chicken and Beer

Like a lot of people, we have to admit that fried chicken is one of our guilty pleasures. That doesn't justify professional athletes in the midst of trying to qualify for the playoffs eating fast-food fried chicken, playing video games, and swilling beer during games as the Red Sox starting pitchers apparently did during the team's September collapse. This revealing Boston Globe article also among other things identifies some serious personal problems that may have distracted former manager Terry Francona from coming to grips with disarray in his clubhouse.
The story of Boston’s lost September unfolds in part as an indictment of the three prized starters. But the epic flop of 2011 had many faces: a lame-duck manager, coping with personal issues, whose team partly tuned him out; stars who failed to lead; players who turned lackluster and self-interested; a general manager responsible for fruitless roster decisions; owners who approved unrewarding free agent spending and missed some warning signs that their $161 million club was deteriorating.
Here is CGI studio Next Media Animation's take on the Red Sox September downfall:

Speaking of takeout (or "takeaway," as they call it in Britain) food and related issues, the woman in this U.K. video apparently freaked out over customer service (which can be spotty) in a KFC restaurant because she was denied extra butter.

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