Monday, October 10, 2011

Got Raw Milk? Los Angeles Fights Dairy "Crime Wave"

The state of California is nearly bankrupt. Los Angeles County, the most populous county in the United States, is dealing with a huge violent crime wave. So where are the prosecutors directing their limited resources? A raw milk private membership club known as Rawesome Foods.

About one thousand pages of documents turned to over to Rawesome's lawyers as part of the legal discovery process indicates, according to's Mike Adams, that...
The depth of this evidence reveals that LA County has spent millions of dollars conducting the most aggressive, vindictive and downright abusive surveillance campaign against a food distribution club that has ever been recorded in human history.

The level of resources that has been directed against Rawesome vastly exceeds the resources typically used against murderers, rapists or organized crime mob bosses. Under the excuse of protecting the public from "fresh milk," LA County has spent millions of dollars and countless thousands of hours conducting the kind of surveillance that would sensibly only be reserved for hard-core violent criminals such as serial killers.
According to Adams, the real culprit is prosecutor Kelly Sakir who he describes as a "rabid environmentalist" and a supporter who threw Rawesome's owner James Stewart in jail:
What's clear from this is that Kelly Sakir is out for blood and is on some sort of bizarre punitive rampage against James Stewart in particular and health freedom in general. And she's using taxpayer resources in LA County to bankroll her personal vendetta against fresh milk and anyone involved in distributing it.
Read Adams' entire article here. More information on the case here.

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