Sunday, October 30, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Goes to School

Do you think that the Occupy Wall Street (and other cities) protesters have the awareness that Barack Obama received more contributions from Wall Street fat-cats and crony capitalists than any other candidate in history?

In any event, in this video financial guru and former U.S. Senate candidate from Connecticut Peter Schiff provides the protesters with some most-needed continuing economic education (suggestion for Mr. Schiff: lose the jacket and tie; business casual is a better look).

In this video, a man with personal experience of living under socialism schools another protester:

Obama advisor Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Scott Brown's likely opponent for the Senate seat in Massachusetts, claimed that she provided the intellectual foundation for the OWS movement. In today's Boston Herald, Howie Carr asks, "What intellectual foundation? Riots, rapes, robberies, sexual assaults, naked vagrants armed with knives, ugly anti-Semitism, death threats to the Boston cops ..."

Back in October 2008, CBS News aired this report on Obama's corporate fundraising haul (but left unmentioned allegations of online credit-card fraud and illegal foreign contributions).

The Washington Post, which usually worships all things Obama, brings the corporate campaign cash story up to date here.

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