Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gloria Allred's Stimulating Press Conference

Celebrity ambulance chaser Gloria Allred is at it again, with another splashy, trashy press conference (that often lacks a logical follow-up). Most, but not all, of Allred's controversial grandstanding has a political motivation, such as her efforts to undermine Meg Whitman's campaign for California governor. Apart from the latter instance (which was a set up by organized labor bosses and other Democrat operatives), we wonder how these quasi-plaintiffs get connected to Allred so fast, not to mention establishing their "credibility"? Do they just call the main switchboard?

As Michelle Malkin writes, Allred is "scrambling to hop aboard the Cain Train." Allred's comment about a "stimulus package" was funny, but a rush to judgment int his case may be premature, however. For example, reports are surfacing that Herman Cain's accuser hugged him like an old friend or a long-lost relative at a political event last month.

By the way, during the Clinton administration, even though an active civil lawsuit against the-then president was in play, didn't the liberals insist it was okay to lie about sex?

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