Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ron Paul for Treasury Secretary

We were in the car earlier today and heard a radio talk show host float the idea of appointing Ron Paul as U.S. Treasury Secretary in a presumed Romney administration.

This idea apparently is not necessarily new, but it must be gaining some traction. Just for the record (whatever that means!), about a month ago we made this same suggestion to some friends during a casual restaurant conversation..

Ron Paul is retiring from Congress. Putting him in charge of the Treasury Department--if he is interested in the post--and vesting him with full authority to audit the Fed is in his wheelhouse. It would also serve to unify two disparate elements of right-leaning voters.

One the primary campaign is settled, will the Romney inner circle (assuming the former Massachusetts governor emerges as the nominee) be bold enough to reach out to the congressman.


  1. If Romney wants to win in a landslide, he will announce that Ron Paul will be his Treasury Secretary.

  2. Don't know about a landslide, but it would certainly boost his campaign signficantly.