Monday, April 30, 2012

Elizabeth Warren, American Phony

Howie Carr has a great column about the millionaire Democrat one-percenter running against U.S. Senator Scott Brown in Massachusetts. But who knew the one percent may have also referred to her alleged heritage?
Elizabeth Warren, a 62-year-old Harvard Law School professor, seemed to have all the right stuff to regain the lost Senate seat of the late Ted Kennedy from Republican usurper Scott Brown...Yet her campaign is sputtering, as she slips on one banana peel after another. It’s turning out that she’s not quite the working-class heroine her worshipers in the limousine-liberal crowd thought she was.
Read the whole column here.

One of the commenters may have put his finger on where Warren gets her support: 
My understanding is that most of Liz's Wall Street money is coming from NY lawyers who are looking forward to using her skills at designing regulatory red tape as a way of maintaining their litigation meal ticket. Quite a number of NY law firms seem to be in serious trouble, and there is a serious over-supply of lawyers, so they are looking to Big Government to maintain and grow their role as middlemen between those who do and those who regulate

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