Saturday, April 14, 2012

Poll Worker Gives U.S. Attorney General's Voting Ballot to Complete Stranger

Eric Holder's politicized Justice Department is on a vendetta against laws to prevent vote fraud such as showing a government-issued picture ID at the polls. Playing the phony voter suppression card, Holder and his politicized minions claim that there is no evidence of voter fraud, despite indictments for same all over the country, most recently in Indiana (although the latter involves petition fraud).

James O'Keefe of Project Veritas shows how anyone can apparently walk in and vote in the name of none other than Eric Holder.

John Fund adds the following on National Review Online:
State Senator Harold Metts of Rhode Island got a photo-ID law put on the books in his state last year after he was told by several constituents of a pattern of voter fraud in his home town of Providence. Indeed, his own state representative and her daughter had their votes stolen by someone voting in their names in one election...Metts, the state senate’s only African-American member, says that he took a lot of heat from national Democrats for getting the ID law approved by an overwhelmingly Democratic legislature. But he says party loyalty only takes him so far. “It’s time to stop crying wolf and make the voter-ID law work for those on both sides of this issue who want to ensure the integrity of the system, while guarding against disenfranchisement.”
As one of the commenters writes under Fund's article, "It's clear to pretty much everybody that the reason the Dems are against voter ID is that they perpetrate most of the voter fraud."

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