Monday, April 2, 2012

Romney Bashing in Last Night's "Mad Men" Episode?

                        photo credit: Christina Saint Marche via photopin cc
Did you catch last night's episode of Mad Men season 5?

The somewhat overrated drama set in the 1960s had a scene where one of the supporting characters--a former aide to Gov. Nelson Rockefeller who apparently is now an advisor to NYC Mayor John Lindsay in the show--trash-talks about Michigan Governor George Romney, Mitt Romney's father, in a telephone conversation with another political operative.

The character, Henry Francis, calls Romney "a clown."

Was this a subtle or not-so-subtle dig at the current GOP presidential frontrunner from Obama's many sycophants in Hollywood?

If you watch Mad Men, let us know.

Added: ABC News among others also noticed. Big has the clip in question:

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