Thursday, May 24, 2012

Senate Democrat Trying to Block Access to Nutritional Supplements

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Longtime health freedom foe Dick Durbin, the Illinois senator, is at it again.

The Democrat is apparently trying to slip in an amendment to the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act (S. 3187) under the radar that could take away your access to safe vitamins and other nutritional supplements. Organizations such as Citizens for Health and the Alliance for Natural Health USA are sounding the alarm about Durbin's latest effort to unfairly target dietary supplement makers (he tried and failed last year to get similar legislation passed).

The amendment in question, according to the Alliance for Natural Health, contains several onerous provisions including...
among other things, that supplement companies must register their products with the [Food and Drug Administration] within 30 days, or they will be considered "misbranded" and companies will be subject to outrageous financial penalties, possibly even jail time. To avoid this, many companies will simply remove their supplements from the shelves until they are able to comply with the new requirement.
Citizens for Health asks "why give the FDA, an agency that has shown an anti-supplement bias in the past, the power to arbitrarily amass a list of 'potentially dangerous' dietary ingredients, especially when there is already a system in place to ensure the safety of supplements?

These organizations and others are asking every health-conscious consumer to contact your U.S. Senators immediately to vote no on Durban amendment to S. 3187.

Sen. Durbin inspired the nickname "Dick Turban" for his offensive and absurd statement comparing the Guantanamo Bay detention center to Nazi death camps back in 2005.

Update: Good news--the Senate defeated the Durbin amendment by a vote of 77 to 20.


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