Thursday, June 7, 2012

Law Firm Posts $10,000 Full-Time Attorney Job

If you still think that going to law school is a good idea, consider this:
The [Boston Business Journal] received an emailed tip this week from someone who says they’re an employed, Boston  College Law School (BC Law) graduate. The tipster sent screen grabs of a job listing on BC Law’s career site. The post advertises a full-time associate position at a small Boston law firm, Gilbert & O’Bryan LLP, paying just $10,000 per year. (That's $10K, it's not a typo.)
That salary comes out to about $4.81 per hour. The Massachusetts minimum wage is $8.00.

In October 2010, another BC law student made news by asking for a full refund if he dropped out.

More evidence that the legal job market has unfortunately imploded not just in Boston but everywhere, and in what is politely called a "challenging legal environment," law school is probably an expensive waste of time for most.

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