Tuesday, May 4, 2010

British Labor Party Accused of Ballot Stuffing

The Conservatives (a/k/a Tories) led by David Cameron are vying with the Labor Party and the Liberal Democrats for control of the British parliament in Thursday's election. The Conservatives are expected to capture the most seats in the House of Commons, but may fall short of a majority needed to elect Cameron as prime minister. Particularly in a close election of this nature, ballot security is most important.

However, in addition to a socialist agenda, the Labor Party in England and the Democrats in the U.S. share another trait: an affinity for vote fraud. The DailyMail has the story:
Voter fraud could determine the outcome of the general election as evidence emerges of massive postal vote rigging. Police have launched 50 criminal inquiries nationwide amid widespread cases of electoral rolls being packed with ‘bogus’ voters. Officials report a flood of postal vote applications in marginal seats. With the outcome of the closest election in a generation hanging in the balance, a few thousand ‘stolen’ votes there could determine who wins the keys to Downing Street...Labour supporters stand accused of packing the electoral roll at the last minute with relatives living overseas or simply inventing phantom voters.
Update: The London Times says that the a mere 16,000 votes prevented the Conservatives from winning an outright majority in parliament. As a result, they find themselves in difficult negotiations with the third-place-finishing Liberal Democrats to form a coalition government.

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