Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Suspected Times Square Car Bomber Arrested

[Again, as a result of other professional writing projects, we've been a bit behind on regular postings. Thanks for staying with us!]

Customs officers at JFK airport have arrested a naturalized American citizen originally from Pakistan for suspected involvement in the Times Square car bomb plot. The man apparently was trying to catch a flight to Dubai.

And sorry Mayor Bloomberg (and all the liberals in the media echo chamber), it is very unlikely that the suspect is a member of the Tea Party. According to the New York Post...
Federal charges of conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction were pending. [The suspect] is believed to be only one of several people involved in the plot, and authorities are trying to determine if he has ties to foreign groups -- possibly including al Qaeda.
As it happens, we were in NYC on business for several days last week, not too far from the Times Square area. It is sobering that ordinary Americans just going out their daily lives are at risk for acts of terror.

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