Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kim Delaney's Philadelphia Experiment

A disheveled looking and confused Kim Delaney may have needed a little help from TOTUS (i.e., the teleprompter of the United States) on Thursday night.

The Army Wives actress was in her hometown to participate in the Liberty Award presentation to former Defense Secretary Robert Gates at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia when she ran into some problems with a teleprompter malfunction--or something else--and was escorted off the stage. It has been widely reported that Delaney, best remembered for her role on NYPD Blue, has struggled with substance abuse, which may have undermined her career.

In the 2001-2002 television season, Delaney starred as criminal defense attorney Kathleen Maguire on the series Philly. Although it contained a lot of the Hollywood nonsense common in legal dramas, the 22-episode show is definitely worth a look. The one-and-only season (discontinued for low ratings) is available on Netflx for those two of you who haven't canceled their membership yet. Apart from the lovely Ms. Delaney (who sadly now appears to have a tattoo), the best character on the show was the quirky but earnest prosecutor played by supporting actor Rick Hoffman.

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