Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Labor Department Rule Could Create Worker "Hit Lists"

When you think about the radical ideologues currently infesting most federal agencies, overblown complaints about Bush administration politicized hiring practices seem absolutely silly. The latest example, according to The Union Label Blog: The U.S. Department of Labor wants to enact a rule that could result in the disclosure of the addresses of temporary workers:
These forms will be public knowledge as soon as the government gets its hands on them. That means that workers’ names and home addresses will also be public knowledge. That means that union thugs can get hold of these names and addresses so that they can amass lists of workers to scare away from their job in order to save union jobs.
Does doing the bidding of Big Labor really seem like the best way to put America back to work?
While Obama sits there on his mountaintop scolding businesses for not hiring, not expanding, and not growing, while he mouths the nice sounding words of “cutting regulations” his regulatory agencies are issuing one business-killing new rule after another. Every month is a new anti-business rules change and this one could result in blood being spilled by his dangerous union pals.

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