Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Correct Answers are Barack Obama and Bill Clinton

                                                        [image credit: David Shankbone]

If you listen to the mainstream media (who, for example, aren't putting much effort into reporting the entire scope of the Solyndra green energy scandal), you would conclude that only Republicans are in the back pocket of corrupt Wall Street bankers and other crony capitalists.

Back in April at a Tea Party rally in Madison, Wisc., Sarah Palin told the sometimes too-quick-to-compromise GOP to "learn to fight like a girl" (a reference to the Univ. Of Wisconsin's championship women's hockey team). In a recent speech in Florida, she was equally frank with the left, noting that the so-called Occupiers should consider occupying the area outside the White House:
"Barack Obama is owned by Wall Street,” she said. “The fat cats, as he calls them, they’re his friends. They’re his pals. That’s where he gets his campaign donations. And he’s very generous about giving these cats their cat nip: bigger returns on their investments in bailouts.”
The Washington Examiner further explains:
 As the Washington Post recently reported, Obama has accepted more money -- more than $15.6 million -- from these people than all of the Republican presidential aspirants combined (aided significantly by the fact that contributors can give to both Obama and the Democratic National Committee). No wonder ranks the financial sector as one of the five most generous industries in contributions to the Obama re-election effort. By comparison, the most successful GOP fundraiser, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, has generated a mere $2 million from the Wall Street fat cats. Obama has even gotten more campaign money from Bain Capital, the consulting firm Romney managed before becoming a presidential candidate, than Romney has.
Filmaker Evan Coyne Maloney recently visited Zuccotti Park to give a pop quiz about who really gets the most campaign cash from the Wall Street greedheads:

Maloney explained to the intent behind the filming:
Maloney...wanted to set the record straight that he was only trying to expose the hypocrisy of Democratic politicians championing the Occupy Wall Street movement while still receiving thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the banks...
Maloney said that the media “propagates this perception that Republicans are in bed with big business, and that Democrats are for “the little guy,” when in fact the establishment of both parties are corporatists."

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